About Normal Suits

Normal Suits is a three piece independent rock band from Baltimore, Maryland.  The band,  Brad Pollard (Bass and Vocals), Shawn Overbey (Guitar, Piano, Vocals), and Mike Hoff (Drums), write, record, produce, mix, and master all their original music from their recording studio in Baltimore.  

The songs are, at their core, straight-ahead rock songs, combined with their years of experimentation with the layering of instruments and sounds.

Normal Suits draw their influences from the bands that surrounded the music scene in Baltimore and DC in the 90s, such as Jawbox, Fugazi, Lungfish, Shudder to Think, Girls vs. Boys, and many others. Other bands from that era such as Far (Sacramento, CA), Shiner (Kansas City, MO), Skeleton Key, and Quicksand (New York, NY) also have their place in the cauldron of influential sounds, but the band’s influences don’t end there – they’ve found inspiration from newer outfits like Menomena and Secret Machines, as well.

The Baltimore natives have been lingering around the local indie rock scene for over 20 years, with Brad fronting the bands Chewing on Foil and The Wires Band, while also playing in the Ex-Replicas, where he met Mike. Shawn and Mike grew up together, and have spent time as core members of a slew of Baltimore bands, including the well-known groups Moviegoer and Pulaski.

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